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Dedicated to PME and bigger groups, Weforge Studio puts into place development strategies and products under a start up format, that can be lead to a spin off creation.

>> WEFORGE STUDIO is a project booster. It companies PME’s and big groupes in there roll out strategies or services:

  • To test the insertion into the market - to validate it or not to validate it.
  • To answer the need to externalise the development of products or concepts, in a kind of disruptive approach.

>>#SPITYOURNEEDS. when you become Weforge Partner, the PMEs and bigger development groupes have access to workshops that unite smiths that are capable to answer different innovation problems, image or marketing, marketing rollout….These smiths, answer to that need working under the responsibility of a project manager dedicated to Weforge and in collaboration with the client. These workshops are an agile and targeted answer for big companies and for smiths to develop there activity.

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